Unlock Michigan 2.0 is a radical proposal that will undermine the ability of public health experts to stop the spread of dangerous infectious diseases in Michigan. Preventing and stemming the spread of dangerous infectious diseases like COVID-19, Hepatitis and tuberculosis should never be a partisan issue decided by politicians who may be reluctant to take necessary, but unpopular, action.

Enacting this proposal will make it harder for nurses, doctors and public health officials to prevent deadly diseases and save lives. The Unlock Michigan 2.0 ballot proposal is part of a politically motivated national trend to gut effective public health measures.

The same people behind the original Unlock Michigan proposal – a small group of extreme right-wing politicians and a network of shadowy undisclosed donors. Read more.

Public Health Over Politicians is comprised of public health officials, doctors and nurses who believe the health of all Michiganders should come before partisan politics and political games. Public health officials have specific training and experience in developing policies that are evidence based to address public health emergencies. They are trained to handle widespread public health crises and are best positioned to coordinate a statewide or local response to public health emergencies.

Public health officials across Michigan are raising their voices against this dangerous proposal.

Don’t get duped! The paid circulators out on the streets gathering signatures will lie, cheat and literally say anything to get you to sign. Share your story if you have encountered deceptive circulators.